Greenscene Interior Planting, The Potting Shed, Wester Fulwood, Houston Road, Houston, PA6 7BH Tel : 01505 325540 email :
Greenscene Interior Planting, The Potting Shed, Wester Fulwood, Houston Road, Houston, PA6 7BHTel : 01505 325540email :


To help you choose the most suitable plants for your home or workspace, one of our experienced design consultants will arrange to visit you.


It is important that the space, light levels and temperature are considered when selecting your plants to ensure that they will thrive in their chosen location.


Through discussion with you, the style of planters and the most suitable plants will be chosen. 


With new planter styles coming on line, we are often able to offer ex-contract planters at a very reasonable cost - please ask if this would be of interest to you.

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